Nonjabuliso Nhlambo

13 March 2022

Police officer alleged to have assaulted three Kinross residents during the protest which took place on Monday, 13 February 2023 at the four ways junction in Kinross.

One community member alleged that he was cornered by a police officer who allegedly assaulted him for no reason and when he asked he is being assaulted the police man took out a gun trying to further intimidate him. During this entire ordeal the said police removed his badge from the uniform when the crowd demanded to know his surname.

It is further alleged the said police man further went inside the police truck where he stood laughing at the crowed. Captain Lefupi tried calming down the crowd by advising the victim to open a case at the police station but the victim was concerned as to why the constable remove his badge whilst on duty.

Unfortunately the police resorted to using teargas to try and disperse the crowd from the four way junction and the Seskhona team lost the victim for further interview.