21 September 2020

Byline: Levhuwani Matumba                     

Presidential Cartel posted a receipt showing R27 250.00 tip given to Ayepyep Lifestyle staff who served them during the Cartel president Malombo birthday celebration.

The celebration took place on Sunday, 20 September and the receipt shows the total amount of R 299 750.00 spent at Ayepyep, including the tip for the waiter/waitress who served them.

Some people praised Malombo for the tip, while others wanted to know if Ayepyep will handover the whole tip to the waiters.

President Cartel is known within Govan Mbeki Municipality for helping the community by building them houses, donating school uniforms, groceries, and blankets for the elderly people.

President Cartel with Govan Mbeki Executive Mayor, Thandi Ngxonono.