Byline: Andani Matumba

30 May 2022

Executive Mayor of GMM, Cllr Nhlakanipho Zuma visited the community of Kinross as promised after the protest which took place in Marikana on 25 April 2022. 

This follows after the ward councillor had appointed a CLO alleged to be her relative and community members wanting their own CLO causing unreasonable delay in the commencement of the sewer plant project in Ext 33. 

Cllr Zuma in his response to the memorandum of grievances  said, “When we handed over this project we were expecting that it would change the state of affairs in this community and we do not expect any delays because when we have delays the challenge is that we cannot proceed to other communities to deliver services and if your budget is not utilised, the budget will be returned to treasury. 

According to the Mayor, the budget allocated to the sewer plant project is not a lot as it is only about R 48 million.

“We want everyone in Govan Mbeki Municipality to live in a dignified manner and that will not happen if projects are not completed. 

Therefore, we have taken a resolution that this project has to commence on 09 May 2022 without any delays and that is the instruction we are giving to the contracted company.

Secondly, no one is allowed to restrain the contractor from proceeding with the project, now that project will proceed and should the need arise, the municipality shall delegate officers to guard and check the progress of the project and now there is an issue of a person who was appointed to represent the community, the mandate to appoint such a person lies with the contractor and not a councilor,” said the Mayor.

 The mayor further stated that everyone who stays in ward 16 has a right and needs to be afforded an opportunity to work on the project. 

He stated further  saying “We have decided to give everyone a chance to apply for that position by submitting their CV’s and the correct procedure being to advertise the post, shortlisting suitable candidates and calling them for interviews”.

“ This is a breach or an oversight on the side of the contracted company,” Cllr Zuma said.

A CLO was formally appointed by the contractor and even though the people wanted Mr Bongani Ngomane to be the CLO, Mr Jerome Mpanza was appointed as the new CLO of the said project meanwhile Ngomane is a general worker for the project.  

Progress is seen  after Ngomane got tired of the delay in the continuation of the project and undertook not to reapply for the CLO position. 

The project commenced on 12 May 2022 and proceeding after the prolonged delay.

 It is alledged that Cllr Rose Nkabinde continues to desist to work with the newly appointed CLO despite several calls and emails being sent to her.

Upon completion of the project the livelihood of the people in Marikana shall change.