Byline: Refeloe Letsoisa

31 January 2023

Police at Evander have again received reports regarding alleged fraudsters who scam members of the community, in particular, members looking for property.

It is alleged the fraudsters pretend to be agents who advertise property online without any verifications.

Community members buy and pay the purchase price then the purchasers end up not receiving receiving what they paid for.

They also end up being give incorrect home addresses.

After receiving the money, the fraudsters switch off their phones and are nowhere to be found.

According to Evander police spokesperson, Constable Zuki Mxhotyelwa, there have been many incidents where the victims are robbed from Facebook and other online platforms since the beginning of January 2023.

The perpetrators engage with the victims online where they sell products at a cheaper price.

They therefore would ask the victims to transfer money into a certain account thereafter disappear without trace.

The latest victim was scammed R30 000.00 which was paid to the perpetrators.

“We urge the public to stop paying for items without verification or receiving them first because it makes it hard for the police to trace back the perpetrators as they use fake accounts, addresses and contact details, making it almost impossible for us to trace back where the money was sent”, said Const. Zuki Mxhotjelwa.

Members of the community are warned not to fall for these scams.