Residents living nearby the Kinross landfill complain of the rubbish dumped at the entrance of the landfill.
The landfill which was becoming a serious hazard to the community looks much better now.
The new contractor working on site try to clean the area, but residents dump their rubbish even before they arrive at the landfill.
When its windy, all the papers and other rubbish gets flown into the yards of the nearby residents.
Their yards and gardens become polluted.
One resident said the landfill has now become a problem because it is also used by Evander residents, since theirs is closed.
Those who live nearby the landfill requests that people should drive into the landfill and drop off their rubbish and not drop them at the entrance.
While the journalist was still at the landfill, a motor vehicle stopped at the entrance and off loaded the rubbish.
When asked why she was offloading her rubbish which included a dead dog, she cited that she was afraid of the scavengers who were working at he landfill.
“Those people are scary.
“One day I drove inside, they came to my car running and I drove off with my rubbish,” said the woman trying to explain why she drops off at the entrance.