Prayers and words of encouragements have been pouring in for the Mdala family in Kinross.
This was after their 8-year-old daughter, Fatima was diagnosed with a brain cancer.
Fatima was also a learner at Thistle Grove Combined School.
Her father said she begin by complaining about painful eyes, then a headache which was followed by throwing up.
It took time for the doctors to diagnose her problem as she first visited the local clinic which gave her eye drops.
“When we put in the eye drops, she cried and said it was more painful.
“We then proceeded to a local doctor and then Evander hospital, but they both did not diagnose that the might be more than just painful eyes,” said the father.
Fatima was then taken to another doctor in Gauteng who then sent her for scans.
Her father said after getting the results, the doctor said they noticed that something was pushing her right eye and it was something like a ball.
The father said her daughter was diagnosed with a double vision disease which then turned into a brain cancer.
She was operated, but the doctor informed her parents that there was a possibility of it growing again as it was growing faster.
“Indeed it grew again as you can see her now,” added the father.
After spending several months at the hospital in Gauteng, she was then sent home and will go back to the hospital on Thursday, 23 November.
Some of the community members saw it fit to raise some funds for the family to use while they are trying to get help for their daughter.
For more information on how to make a donation, please contact Mr Mdala on 074 521 9470.