Shaenon Legacy Foundation hosted an event to officially launch a football NPO, that will help groom and nurture the football talent of Embalenhle youth.

The launch was on Tuesday, 24 September.

One of the founders of the NPO who is also a former footballer, Nhlanhla Shabalala said it is all about giving back to the community.

“If we do not properly prepare the young ones for the future, we will face a paralysis as a community. I am a former professional footballer myself, I was able to get to the top because someone cared enough to make sure that I get to the top. As an NPO, we are passing the baton, we are doing exactly what was done to us to these young boys who dream of becoming soccer stars one day”, said Nhlanhla.

The NPO will help with availing resources which will enable aspiring young footballers to showcase their talent and eventually land at a stage where they play for big teams locally and internationally.

“We must shy away from the idea that opportunities are only available in places like Johannesburg.

We are from Mpumalanga a place of the rising sun, but it seems like the sun has been rising in the absence of its people because there is darkness in terms of finding opportunities.

Shaenon is here to end that.

We are hoping to produce more professional players who will represent the community of Embalenhle”.

The directors of the NPO have made plans on how to grow Shaenon, one of the plans is to host an annual event where opportunities will be made available to young soccer players.