30-year old Tebogo Ngwenya from Embalenhle ext 5 works as a car guard.

Just like many children, Tebogo had dreams of becoming something in life and make his parents proud.

“Honestly this is not how I pictured my life.

I thought I would finish school and get a good, but I got exactly the opposite.

I left school in grade 8 to go look for a job and it was really tough.

I would go to Secunda town to look for gardening, but I soon realised that I was not making enough money, I ended doing shoplifting”.

Tebogo said due to stress and peer pressure from friends he ended doing drugs, he added that he has been on drugs for many years because each time he tried to quit, he relapsed again.

“I think if I was working it would be much better, it is not nice to be 30 years old and not being able to fend for yourself”.

Afraid of going to jail, Tebogo decided to stop shoplifting and looked for other ways to make money that is when he was introduced to car guarding job.

“It is not easy doing this job because we face a lot of challenges as car guards. People insult us, some do not even give us a cent for looking after their cars but I am glad that I now make an honest living”.

With the money that he makes, he is able to take care of himself and at least buy bread at home.

“If I were to be given a second chance in life, I would go back to school and not give in to peer pressure.

If I had done that my life would be different today”.