Godfrey Msiza is the owner of Mnandilicious Ekasi Bakery, situated in Leandra.
Msiza always had a passion for baking.
To ensure that his dream becomes a reality, he saved money while he was still working and bought his baking equipment.
Only last year October he then decided to open his business.
Msiza said starting his business was not easy since he had to finance it himself.
“People received my business positively and were also patient with me when i made mistakes,” said Msiza.
He now starts to receive orders from people who want the bread for their kotas.
Msiza currently bake bread, buns, rolls and amagwinya.
He looks forward to gain more experience, including attending available baking classes.
“I always approached other people who are doing the same job to get more information,” added Msiza whose future aspirations include baking dumplings and pizza.
Msiza can be contacted on 0764965877.