Byline: Refeloe Letsoisa

29 August 2022

The EFF in Mpumalanga has called on women to emulate the 20 000 Women who marched against the apartheid government and its discriminatory policies, which oppressed Africans in particular black women in 1956.

The EFF made this call during the Provincial Women’s Day celebration held on Tuesday, 09 August at House of Praise Church in Embalenhle, Mpumalanga.

Addressing hundreds of EFF members and community members, EFF Provincial Chairperson, Collen Sedibe, asked the current generation of women to rise-up and make a stand against social challenges, such as gender-based violence, inequalities and lack of employment and economic opportunities.

Comrade Sedibe told the masses that the EFF is the future.

“In 1956, these women made history, this history shaped the country.

As we celebrate this historic day today, let us honor these brave women by learning a powerful lesson.

That lesson should be that there is no system in the world that can never be shaken.

Their inspiring journey challenges us all to work together to realize their noble ideals and together make this country great again,” said Mr. Sedibe.

He stated further, “I have spoken to you about the past and the present challenges still faced by women in this country and particularly in Mpumalanga.

Allow me to tell you about the future, the EFF is the future.

The EFF is the government in waiting and when we take over reigns, we will work-so ever hard and to best serve our people and make this country great once again.”

“Let me make it crystal clear, that it is only the EFF that has clear and workable solutions for these challenges faced by our womenfolk.

It is only the EFF that already has a GBV Help Desk and we are using our own influential female voices to give other women hope for a better tomorrow.

The future that I foresee actually starts today.

It starts with us recruiting a million members by the end of the year.

Let us all go back to our branches, streets, spaza shops, taxi ranks and knock on each and every door and recruit as many people into joining the EFF as possible.

This is the only way we will defeat the enemy that doesn’t care about our people, especially women,” further stated Mr. Sedibe.

The Chairperson also mentioned that the EFF allows women to join the membership as they do not forget about women and that they would rather have more women than men.

At the end, Mr. Sedibe mentioned how they as the EFF of Gert Sibande District will thank the church for providing a venue for their event, “Instead of giving the church a certain amount of money as they requested, we will install new air-conditions for them as the summer season is approaching and they will be able to get some fresh air during the church services,” he said.

EFF Provincial Chairperson, Mr. Collen Sedibe giving his speech