Veronique, Jaco and Adéle are becoming more popular amongst the youth of Govan Mbeki Municipality with their unique dance styles.
The trio are members of Step2Dream Dance Academy and also attend the same school at Hoërskool Oorsteland.
Veronique fell in love with dance nine years ago, Jaco started five years ago and Adéle only started last year.
They both agreed that even though Adéle joined the academy last year, she always stand out because of her energy.
“Our teacher always tell us to give more energy, but Adéle is told to give less energy,” said Veronique and Jaco.
They further praised her for giving them more energy, especially during the competitions.
“Adéle is also smart in class and I think she has lots of opportunities ahead of her,” Veronique continues.
Her other extramural activities include playing instruments on the Orchestra, athletics, public speaking and debate.
Veronique said her future aspirations include establishing her own dance studio.
“I would like to pass on what I learned all these years, to keep the dance vibe alive,” Veronique added.
Jaco wants to venture into business, not ruling out establishing a dance academy that will also focus on accommodating children from townships, affording them opportunity to compete on a professional level.
He further mentioned that he sees future in dancing as it will soon be regarded as a sport in schools.
“Dance bring all the people together, irrespective of their background, race, age or body shape, as long as you have a rhythm you can dance,” said the trio.

Jaco and Veronique had the opportunity to go and compete in Croatia and Italy.
Even though they did not reach the final stage of the competition, they learned a lot from other dancers.