Byline: Andani Matumba

22 March 2022

The Roots-Izimpande, a nonprofit organization based in eMbalenhle hosted an informative meeting on 21 March 2022 for the purpose of addressing community members on the issues of Gender Based Violence and educating them about the consequences of Drug and Substance abuse.

In eMbalenhle, substance and drug abuse seem to be a leading factor which contributes towards the increasing crime statistics in the area.

Sgt Mavis Motaung from eMbalenhle Police Station was amongst the speakers representing the SAPS.

According to Motaung, community members blame the police for everything forgetting that parents are also a contributory factor in the issue of increasing crime because they do not question the change in lifestyle of their children and expensive items which the children bring home.

“We are also raising a broken society because we do not give our children the love and care they deserve.

When we speak to researchers, they also revealed that when most criminals are asked why they turned out that way, their answers always lead to the fact that the parents used to fight in front of the children, shout at each other or they were neglected by a parent who leave the children alone to raise themselves while they move in with a new partner and living in a child headed home,” said Motaung with caution.

The issue of Gender Based Violence was treated with caution because the speakers acknowledged that GBV exists in men in as much as it exists to women and Sergeant urged the victims to report their cases.

She further stated that witnesses in criminal cases should assist the victims until the end because many cases are left hanging due to lack of witness who are not willing to come forward with information and she strongly condemned the issue of mob justice which has been reported to be on an incline in eMbalenhle.

In his address, Mr Themba Zwane, Chairperson of the Roots-Izimpande strongly stated that no one has a right to take someone’s life.

“We are not a country without laws, we are guided by policies and legislation,” added Zwane.

Nokuthula Khoza, a social worker by profession, urged community members not to harm those who commit crimes while under the influence of substances because the substance overdose can overpower them leading to their death.

She encouraged parents to monitor their children’s behavior, should they monitor a distinctive difference, they can purchase drug tests, over the counter or visit her office for drug tests.

Should anyone wish to consult with a social worker or need to refer a friend, kindly call Nokuthula Khoza on 082 310 2244.