Byline: Andani Matumba

22 March 2022

Govan Mbeki Municipality’s (GMM) waste collection team has been working around the clock in the past week and still persist in their efforts, to reduce waste removal backlog in eMbalenhle.

According to PR Cllr Lotie Anitta Mkhwebane, in her address to the community members of Ext 18 on 21 March 2021 where she was invited as a speaker at a Human Rights Day event hosted by Root-Izimpande NPO, the backlog is said to have been caused by the breakdown of the truck which had affected the normal waste schedules within the area.

Residents from various areas were advised to leave the waste bags on identified spots on the streets in order for the team to collect,” explained Cllr. Mkhwebane.

She further stated that throwing garbage everywhere simply means that community members are the ones causing the problems for themselves.

Mkhwebane discouraged community members from uttering statements like “Councillors are useless” as they do not work alone since there is a protocol which has to be followed before an issue can be resolved.

Members of the community have to join hands with the Councillors or government to combat some of the problems caused by our own doing just like the issue of electricity which has been bridged by a lot of households but no one reports such.  

“We have to treat our environment the very same way we treat our homes.

She also urged community members to learn to be patient and not resort to strikes and the burning of government structures because that poses serious financial implications for the community,” added Mkhwebane.

The municipality, through its communications office urges all the community members to refrain from littering and throwing garbage everywhere even in areas which are not designated for dumping as it poses a health hazard to the environment and people.