By Line: Andani Matumba

02 February 2022

Today, three suspects were arrest by the police following a house robbery incident in Sabie wherein 13 chainsaws were robbed.

The incident occurred around 23h30 on Tuesday, 01 February 2022 at a house in Sabie.

According to the information at police disposal, three armed male suspects entered a certain house in Sabie area where they found the inhabitants asleep at the time.

The intruders then forced opened the door, and whilst doing that, everybody inside the house was woken up by the strange noise into a terrifying scene.

The trio held their victims at gunpoint and demanded chainsaws as well as car keys.

They then took 13 chainsaws and used the victim’s green Toyota Sedan Belta as their getaway vehicle where they loaded the robbed items (chainsaws) inside before fleeing the scene.

The vehicle was later found abandoned and empty in the nearby bushes.

Members at Sabie were informed about the ordeal and a case of house robbery was registered and a man hunt operation was launched.

According to Colonel Mdhuli, the suspects were arrested and one of them was shot after they engaged in a business robbery at eLukwatini.

In his statement he further stated, “There was a shoot-out between the police and the suspect and one of them managed to get away with a blue Mecedic Benz sedan.

Two riffles, ammunition and explosives  were recovered from a guesthouse which the suspects were renting”.