14 July 2022

Rand Water hereby notifies you, as per our shutdown protocol, of our planned shutdown to connect sections of the newly constructed N6 pipeline to the existing N6 pipeline. 

The shutdown is planned for the 15th to the 16th of July 2022. 

The duration of the shutdown will be 32 hours and during the shutdown a number of areas within Govan Mbeki Local Municipality (LM) will be affected.

Rand Water’s Bloemendal Pump Station will be limited to operate only one pump for the duration of the shutdown, which will not be sufficient to supply water to the Wildebeestfontein and Stompies reservoirs. 

The following areas within the Govan Mbeki LM will be affected i.e.:

•  Secunda

• Kinross

• Leandra

• Bethal

• Brendan Village

• Evander

• Sasol

• eMbalenhle

Kindly note that this does not mean that there will be no supply of water during the shutdown as the Wildebeestfontein and Stompies reservoirs will be filled to full capacity prior to the shutdown. 

In the event that these reservoir levels decrease, low pressure or intermittent interruptions should be expected.

It is therefore recommended that Govan Mbeki LM fill their reservoirs prior to the commencement of this shutdown to minimize the impact to communities. 

Recovery time of the system after completion of the shutdown will be approximately 3 days.