Byline: Nonjabuliso Nhlambo

17 October 2022

Access to sanitary towels seems to still be a challenge for young women in schools according to some of the educators.

Vukanini Taxi Association Youth Desk took an initiative to donate over 1 200 packs of sanitary towels to primary schools within the Govan Mbeki Municipality.

The associations youth desk managed to package 80 packs which were dropped off at each respective school in Embalenhle on the 13th and 14 October 2022.

This initiative aims to provide feminine hygiene products to the less fortunate and disadvantaged school girls.

The desks also aims at doing the drop off drive on a monthly basis between primary schools and secondary schools.

Mrs Kgarebe Mazibuko of Tholukwazi primary school said the need of sanitary towels is of high demand as there are many needy learners who stay at child headed families and depend mainly on the school, such that once they ran out of sanitary towel supply and an initiative has to be made by educators to donate.  

The general secretary of the VUKTA youth desk, Mr Surgent Skosane said the youth in the taxi industry participating in this initiative with the purpose to support and give back to the community.

“We are going back to our roots as the youth as we have seen the elders in our organisation taking part in uplifting and supporting the community.

Therefore through this initiative, we are going to schools where we motivate a girl child, allowing them to continue with their education without being exposed to hygienic ricks, discomfort, shame or loss of dignity”, said Mr Skosane.

Amongst the school that benefited to the drive was;

  1. Thorisong Primary School
  2. Embalenhle Primary School
  3. Zamokuhle Primary School
  4. Sharpeve Primary School
  5. Allen Makhunga Primary School
  6. Isibani Sezwe Primary School
  7. Buyani Primary School
  8. Lifalethu Primary School
  9. Tholukwazi Primary School
  10. Emdibini Primary School
  11. Trichardtfontein Primary School
  12. Vukuzithathe  Primary School
  13. Maphala Gulube Primary School
  14. Roodebank Primary School

For interested parties who would like to support or donate a pack of sanitary towels towards this initiative, please c drop off the packs at the VUKTAS admin offices at the Embalenhle Blue rank.

Drop off at Sharpeve Primary school
Isibani Sezwe primary school
Lifalethu Primary School
Buyani primary school
Mbalenhle primary school
Tholukwazi primary school
Zamokuhle primary school
Roodebank Primary school
Maphala Gulube primary school
Vukuzithathe primary school
Trichardsfontein primary school
Emdibini primary school
Allan Makhunga primary school
Thorisong primary school