Byline: Andani Matumba

27 March 2023

The Mpinga family held an Umhlonyane celebratory ceremony in celebration of their daughter’s birthday, Lindokuhle, as she turned 21.
As proud parents, their purpose was to celebrate their daughter turning 21 meanwhile still a virgin.

The celebratory event was held on Saturday, 25 February 2023 at Leslie, Ext 6 (RDP Section).
The event was filled by group of more than a hundred girls lead by Gogo Tshabalala who celebrated with in dance and songs.
Lindokuhle’s sister said she was proud to witness the journey her youngers sister traveled through self-respect and self preservation.
Noweverdays, its amazing to witness young girls turning 21 still as pure as Lindo.

“We hope that many follow in her footsteps and are not lead astray by friends,” said Nompumelelo, Lindo’s older sister.

Her father, Samson Mpinga, urged his princess to remain in the same path until she turns 23.

Lindo’s mother, Viki Mpinga said she was very proud of her daughter and that Lindo has always been a sweet and humble child who listens to her parents.

“We have never experienced any parenting difficulties when is comes to our girls and for that we are grateful,” said the mother.
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