02 May 2021

Byline: Levhuwani Matumba

Political parties are currently up and downs trying to win hearts of the communities since we are approaching the local elections while the same communities are faced with adverse situations on a daily basis.  

The community of Embalenhle Ext 22 said they are not expecting anything better than receiving t-shirts and food parcels. 

Some of the residents blames the municipality for their business failures. 

“I have a business of selling meat, but who can buy from someone who lives in front of a heap of rubbish not collected for years or a dam of sewage?” said Ms Hadebe who further mentioned that she is not surprised by the cheap political campaigns. 

Residents further mentioned that the municipality keep on telling them to pay for the rates and services and they wonder what services they pay for. 

“If these rubbish and overflowing sewage everywhere are referred to as service delivery by the municipality, then I give up,” said another resident.

On another street at Gate 6 residents are more concerned about the open manholes not attended to. 

One woman whose manhole is in front of her house said she and the neighbour has been reporting it to the municipality for 10 years now and they keep on promising to close it. 

“What makes it worse is that some people throw pampers, fetuses and dead carcasses inside and the smell becomes terrible to bear,” the woman said. 

Ms Hadebe pointing at at dam of sewage in Embalenhle.
Open manholes pose danger to the community of Embalenhle.