Future Financial Aid Directors, Morgan Mpondo and Afrika Ntshauzana embarked on a journey of teaching young children the value of saving their monies.
To help them achieve their goals, they established a project of selling giant money boxes.
Morgan said he grew up spending every pocket money he received from home.
“As a child, I used to spend my daily pocket money without thinking for tomorrow,” said Morgan who began to realize the need to save when he was supposed to go to tertiary.
Afrika added that the beauty of using giant money boxes is that kids see it growing, while it also teaches them to be patient and disciplined.
The duo said the reason they target young children is that most of them do not have bank accounts, so it’s not easy for them to learn about saving.
“We go to primary schools and talk to children to make them understand why it is important for them to embark on a journey of learning to save.
“What surprised me was that children of today know what they want when they grow up.
“One child told me that he wants to save money and buy five cows because he aims to be a farmer when he grows up,” Morgan continued.
Their target market is Grade R -4 learners, not excluding other grades and older people who see the need to save.
Teaching them the do and don’t of spending money will positively influence their future financial decisions.
They also encourage parents to support their children as they embark on the financial independence journey.
So far they visited Sasolia Primary School and Laerskool Leandra and are grateful for the support they got from the schools.
Future Financial Aid has bigger plans regarding financial education towards the community, especially the black community, because of their background of not learning to save and use money the correct way.
Most black people are used to spending the money and they also pass it to their children.
Their future aspirations includes engaging stockvels and help them make proper decisions with the monies they save the whole year, just to go and buy groceries with all of it.
Morgan and Afrika are available for invitations to present their idea during events.
For more information and orders, are available on 081 762 6538 or 079 830 7194