Byline: Levhuwani Matumba 28 June 2021

Miss Teen Commonwealth South Africa‭, ‬Luyanda Manana said it is time young people focus on education to empower themselves for the‭ ‬future‭. ‬

The 16-year-old from Standerton began her modelling career at a very young age when she was still in primary school‭. ‬

“My first contest was Miss Lewis Furnisher and was crowned second princess‭.‬

I then entered Miss Teen Lekwa and I was crowned a Queen‭,‬”‭ ‬Luyanda explained adding that she is still the reigning queen since no one was crowned last year due to Covid-19‭.‬

This year she decided to enter Miss Teen Commonwealth South Africa 2021‭ ‬which she believes it is all about giving back to the community and empowering young people‭. ‬

As part of her tasks she has been doing different charity drives within her community‭. ‬

“I took part in soup kitchens‭, ‬participated in building shacks for the needy and also donating clothing and shoes to those who need them most‭,‬”‭ ‬She added‭. ‬

Luyanda helping to rebuild a shack after it burnt to ashes during fire.

What do you think the youth of today should be focusing on to make their lives better‭?‬

“The youth of today should be focusing on education as it is the most important tool to create a better future‭. ‬

It is unfortunate that some young people do not see it that way and recently we were mocked that our matric certificates no longer have value which is not true at all‭.‬

You have to focus on your dreams‭, ‬goals‭, ‬ambitions and be determined‭.  ‬

After matric one can decide whether you want to be a doctor‭, ‬a police or anything you want to be‭. ‬Just follow your dreams‭. ‬

Looking at the state of your municipality‭, ‬most young people do not get the opportunity to voice out their concerns or frustrations‭, ‬what do you think the municipality should do‭?‬

I think leaders who fail to deliver should just step down and allow the electorates to vote for capable leaders‭. ‬

Should we had capable leaders‭, ‬Standerton will be in a better place by now‭. ‬

As young people who are still in school we are really affected by the shortage of water and municipal load shedding‭.‬

If there is no water we are released early from schools because it not hygienic‭, ‬but now it is better because schools have Jojo‭ ‬tanks and water tanks comes and fill them up‭.‬

Sometimes when we arrive home there is no electricity and we have to study and do our homework‭. ‬

Do you think it is time more young people are put in power and why do you say so‭?‬

Young people have creative minds and still have energy‭. ‬

Should we get more of them in parliament and municipal councils‭, ‬many things will get fixed‭. ‬

They will also have pride to see their country in a better place‭. ‬

I sometimes feel like those elderly people put in positions do not care about us and as such we are the only hope for the future‭. ‬

What message are you sending to the young people regarding Covid-19‭ ‬since we are currently on third wave‭?‬

Well‭, ‬Covid-19‭ ‬has brought us terrible times but we must just hang in there‭, ‬follow all the regulations given to us in order to‭ ‬be safe‭.‬

Remember to wash your hands all the time‭, ‬wear your mask and keep social distance‭. ‬

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Luyanda donating clothes to the needy at Rooikopen Taxi Rank.