Motlatse Seleke Attorneys is the service provider appointed to conduct Govan Mbeki Municipality forensic investigation.
The law firm was announced during the extraordinary council meeting held at the GMM Council Chamber on Thursday, 21 November.
According to the Speaker of Govan Mbeki Municipality, Mr Nhlakanipho Zuma the meeting was requested by the Cogta MEC, Mr Mandla Msibi.
Early this month the provincial Exco resolved to invoke Section 106 (1) (b) of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, 2000 to three Municipalities to give effect to the support.
One of the mentioned municipalities was Govan Mbeki Local Municipality and Cogta was tasked to institute the investigation.
The announcement of Section 106 left the residents of GMM not clear of what will be investigated.
The MEC tabled the 15 terms of reference on the GMM forensic investigation.
The terms of reference are:

  1. Acts of maladministration levelled against office bearers and the municipal employees.
  2. Irregular payments of overtime.
  3. Non-compliance with the budget and integrated plan process.
  4. Non implementation of council resolutions.
  5. The under-spending of municipal infrastructure grants.
  6. Irregular extension or termination of contracts of service providers.
  7. Abuse of non-compliance with the supply chain management processes.
  8. Misuse or abuse of municipal council assets, properties and services.
  9. Advertising of tenders without complying with the supply chain management processes.
  10. Non-compliance with recruiting, selection, acting and appointment processes, including policies.
  11. Irregular awarding of bursaries.
  12. Incomplete or inaccurate financial records.
  13. Failure to complete initial projects that are initiated by the municipality.
  14. Irregular selling of RDP houses and empty stands.
  15. Irregular expenditure in respect of water services, infrastructure and municipal grants.

He further warned those who intend to have night meetings with the investigating officers that they will face the ‘full wrath of the law’.
The opposition parties welcomed the announcement saying it was long overdue.
Though they were slightly happy with the investigation, they asked why it is only taking place now?
Some labelled it as a way to get rid of the ruling party members who are no longer wanted as they are heading towards the provincial conference.
According to the MEC, the investigation will only dates back to 2017 till 2019.
Before his announcement on terms of reference, he applauded GMM for cooperating.
Residents will be able to know the results of the investigation after 60 days.
The MEC also showed concern of infighting within the ANC, further mentioning that JS Moroka Municipality will be placed under Section 139 (1) (b).
Cogta was supposed to meet with JS Moroka council on Monday and on their arrival, the council members decided not to attend the meeting, hence he decided to invoke the Section 139.
Lekwa Municipality will also be getting their results soon since the investigation is already complete.