Byline: Andani Matumba

09 May 2022

Kinross police are currently at Thistle Groove Combined School investigating an alleged matter where a gang from Afghanistan has approached the school to attack some learners who are allegedly bullying a learner who resides in Kinross Ext 25.

Sticks and golf sticks were confiscated from the gang by one of the male teachers.

This follows after some of the learners at Thistle Grove Combined School had an altercation with one learner who comes from Afghan, who then called his gang for backup.

The instigator is said to be from eMbalenhle and a child of the taxi owner. 

Seskhona Media communicated with some members of the gang, of which one is a sibling of the learner who was bullied and stated that the implicated learners chased the sibling from school since last week Thursday. 

“We tried to communicate with the Principal of the school, the deputy principal, and a male teacher whose name we won’t mention, about a group that has been terrorizing my younger brother with knives, and we were informed that the issue was resolved. 

Today we are back again because he came back home again running saying he was being chased by a group of learners with knives, so we had no choice but to stand up.”

The brother further stated that he does not want his younger brother to quit school like he did and that he will fight to death until his brother finishes matric. 

Seskhona Media could not get the Principal of the school.

Investigation into the matter is currently underway and we are waiting for a comment from the police.