Byline: Kelebogile Masemola

25 August 2022

The Thunder Bay Spur Singing Competition was a contest that searched for the most talented young singer in Hammanskraal, Tshwane.

On Friday, 19 August 2022, 20 families across Hammanskraal gathered at Thunder Bay Spur at Jubilee Mall to take part in the talent competition.

The competition was aimed at bringing families together over great tasting spur meals and entertainment from the young singing stars.

The Public Relations Manager at Thunder Bay Spur, Sihle Makama said the competition was about finding the best singers in the community of Hammanskraal.

“We sent out entry forms at local schools requesting them to give us best singing participants so that they take part in the competition.

We decided to host this competition not only because it is an enjoyable experience for the participants but also a nice family outing to see children showcasing their singing talents on the stage.

It is a perfect bonding experience between parents and children,” said Makama.

Kids from local schools such as Mabu-A-Tlou Primary School, Lefofa Primary School, and Mmamotse Primary School had fun performing on stage while their family and friends cheered them on creating a great atmosphere.

“I have always known that I have a singing talent, that is why I entered,”

I wanted to showcase my talent, and I’m happy I proved myself right because I have won the contest,” said Competition Winner, Tebatso Masanabo from Mashemong Section 3 in Hammanskraal.

Second runner up, Palesa Manala from Mashemong in Hammanskraal said she entered the competition because she loves singing.

“My mom and teachers motivated me to enter the competition, it was so fun.

My teacher informed us about the competition in class, and we competed so that we can see who the best singers in class are, and that motivated me to enter the competition,” Manala said.

Contestant, Rehomoditswe Mahwai, from Temba Hammanskraal said her grandmother helped her enter the competition after she heard about it from her teacher at school.

“I always see celebrities singing and I see myself in them, when I heard about the competition at school I knew this was the perfect opportunity for me to enter.

Today I was so nervous, my aim was to win but my nerves got the best of me, I will try again when Thunder Bay Spur hosts another singing competition, said Mahwai.

The prizes for the competition included singing hampers, Thunder Bay Spur Vouchers, and certificates.

“As Thunder Bay Spur we always try to engage ourselves in community competitions, not only do we have the Singing Star Competition available, we have previously hosted the cooking competition and spelling bee competition and there are more competitions that we are planning to host for our Thunder Bay Spur community,” said Makama.