Byline: Refeloe Letsoisa

19 June 2024

Sethabile Sibiya, the young woman who is a purpose-driven lady, hosted a phenomenal event under the Empowerment Programme which became a huge success as the aim was to empower and build self-esteem for other young girls out there.

She illustrated the reason why she started a pageant, which was hosted in KZN, Newcastle, in Amajuba District. 

“The reason I did Miss Unique Newcastle is because, looking back at where I came from in pageantry, I used to struggle a lot competing with tall, beautiful ladies, and I was short. 

I’ve never come up with fancy things; I was normally with my natural beauty, no make-up, and natural hair because I believed in myself.

Miss Unique Newcastle talks a lot about being yourself and accepting yourself the way you are because, as people, we come from different backgrounds with different situations,” Sethabile further explained. 

I wanted to uplift our young generation that with what you have, it doesn’t matter if it’s small, but giving it to someone who will appreciate it with love can make a big change in your life.

In conclusion, Miss Unique Newcastle is a pageant that celebrates individuality and uniqueness, as this pageant includes more activities to express and showcase your talents.

Regardless of who you are, you just have to accept your wellbeing.