Bethuel Zunguza visited Evander Hospital on Saturday, 11 April to donate clothing for the newborns.

According to him, the visit came after he was talking to his friend who reminded him that people at the hospitals are forgotten during these trying times.

Since people cannot shop for clothing according to Covid-19 regulations, Bethuel contacted some of the people he knows to find out if they can donate clothing for the newborn babies.

“The response was massive and before I could go and collect all the clothes, I went to the hospital with the few I had to check if the demand is huge.

To my surprise, the hospital management who were on shift told me there are many young moms who do not have clothes for their children,” said Bethuel who further mentioned that not everyone is able to buy clothing in advance and the lockdown came unexpected to most people.

He further requested those who have the clothing of the newborn babies at home to drop them at either Evander or Bethal hospitals.

Those who do not have means to drop them, can contact him at 0761092439.

Seskhona Media contacted the Mpumalanga Department of Health Spokesperson, Mr Dumisani Malamule to check if the donations of the newborn babies is allowed during the Covid-19 and he gave a go ahead.

Bethuel Zunguza at Evander Hospital.