Homeless people housed at Kinross Lapa sold donated blankets and basins donated to them in exchange for money to buy drugs.

This came out when Seskhona Media engaged some of the homeless people who were roaming the streets at Kinross Town.

Even though some are said to have sold the blankets and basins to Ext 25(also known as Afghan) residents, they still appreciate the efforts done by the municipality to provide them with accommodation.

“Not all of us do bad things.

We do appreciate what the government did for us because we no longer worry about food and a place to sleep,” said one of them.

Another one said he finds it difficult to spend a day without injecting himself with nyaope and that was the reason they travel to Afghan to get it.

Seskhona Media contacted the MMC for Community Services informing him of the homeless people roaming the streets and also to find out if he is aware.

“Indeed we have a challenge, but we are currently engaging with the police to see how we can stop them from roaming the streets,” said the MMC who also confirmed that almost all the new blankets are no longer there.