More than half of the Holfontein (settlement situated near Trichardt) population live below poverty line.

“Most of the people work in gardens and some are employed as domestic workers,” said Ms Hlengiwe Mthethwa who works at Simunye Home Based Care at Holfontein.

Another young man who was walking on the street said he is employed in one of the shops at Trichardt but now the shop is closed and was informed that they will not be getting paid.

Seskhona Media visited the area and spoke to some of the people who live there after receiving reports that an effort by a certain company led to fistfights as people were desperately trying to get their hands to the food inside the vehicle.

Some of the residents said the fight started when people realize that not all of them will be able to get the food parcels.

The Holfontein ward councillor, Ms Ciska Jordaan was contacted and she requested that all donations should be directed to Simunye Home Based Care to make sure there is order in distributing them.

She further mentioned that the home based care worked with the people in the area and as such will know which families are in dire needs, especially the child headed families.

For donations people can contact Simunye Home Based Care at 072 061 0016 (Hlengiwe), 079 559 0951 (Lihle) and 072 204 3283 (Johanna).

Below picture: Holfontein residents waiting to get food parcels on Saturday, 11 April 2020.