30 November 2021

Kinross Municipality Offices situated at Rasool Malek Road were robbed early Monday, 29 October 2021.

According to the police information, A security officer who was on duty Sunday night opened the door of the guardhouse to do his patrolling duties at around 00:55 am.

He was suddenly pointed at with a firearm by an unknown man who instructed him to keep quiet.

The suspects tied the security official and his colleague with cable ties.

One suspect stayed with them in the guard-room while two other suspects were busy in the client service offices.

All three suspects fled the scene and at about 5 am one of the security officials managed to free himself and ran away.

He also reported the incident to the Kinross Police.

Suspects managed to flee the scene with a safe.

They also damaged the ceiling and a bathroom window.

According to Sgt Nagel from Kinross Police Station, no arrest has been made yet.