An 8 months old Puppy was hit to a pulp with a spade by a woman and her daughter in Leandra as a form of revenge for the chicken’s disappearance.
The owner of the Puppy was away for the weekend and her dog was tied on a leash in its kennel, with sufficient water and food.
The woman was suprised to find her dog outside her yard, untied and full of blood on the head and eyes.
Ms Jenneth Geel, Senior inspector and Manager of the Highveld Ridge SPCA said during the investigation, it emerged that the dog was hit close to death by one of the neighbours as a form of revenge.
The puppy was accused of eating one of the neighbour’s chickens.
The defenseless puppy that was tied on a leash was said to have been hit on the head with a spade and suffered a broken jaw.
“The dog cannot eat anymore, and if it turns out to be a big problem than we expected, we might have to put the dog to permanent sleep.
“This is not the first time we had a case like this, but it was the first time we had real witnesses who are willing to testify and write statements for the police to help build a strong case,” Ms Geel added.
“We are definitely on a process of opening a case, we are just waiting for a report from the Veterinary.
“We also hope this would be a warning and would serve as an example to people that treat pets like this.
“That it is against the law and is considered a criminal activity,” Ms Geel concluded.