Byline: Andani Matumba

06 April 2022

In its attempt to reduce littering in the Community of Embalenhle, Sasol Junior Engineers salvaged the township by initiating a brilliant recycling program where recyclables are exchanged for points that can, in turn, be used to purchase household necessities and other consumables.

During the event which took place on 02 April 2022, second-hand clothing was added to the shelves available for purchase or exchange for recyclables.

Ms Mashudu Ndou, Vise President of Corporate and Community Affairs at the Swop Shop in Embalenhle.

The programme was initiated by a group of Junior Engineers at Sasol, Secunda after their realization of the ongoing global crisis of littering and the growing random illegal dumping sites constantly being caused by community members in Embalehle.

Uncollected waste negatively impacts the environment and the valuable recyclables that are not removed from waste streams causing an unnecessary burden on the strained landfill sites.

The goal of the Swop Shop is to provide basic necessities such as toiletries, school supplies, non-perishable foodstuff, toys, and clothing while promoting recycling in the community.

According to Mashundu Ndou, Vice President of Corporate and Community Affairs at Sasol Secunda, the purpose of the Swop Shop is to create awareness for young and old people to care for their environment and to live a life of recycling.

Sasol volunteer showing off the recyclables collected at the event on 02 April 2022.

“Abogogo and small children walk around collecting the garbage carelessly disposed of by ignorant members of the community, some even go to local taverns to collect bottles so that they can swop for groceries and other essentials,” said Ndou as she smirked looking at the recyclable wasted that was collected at the Embalenhle Swop shop on Saturday, 02 April 2022.

Ndou further stated that she hopes for the project to grow until the shelves are emptied at each event after community members have purchased all the stock using their points on recyclables.

One of the volunteers at the Swop Shop was very excited over the introduction of second-hand clothing which is now available at the Swop Shop.

Sasol volunteer showing the apparel recently added to the stock list of the Swop Shop.