Byline: Andani Matumba

30 January 2022

The DA in Bethal made it its priority to fight the scourge of water scarcity and load shedding by taking to the streets, picketing against the municipality to resolve the two major crisis.

Although water is a basic need, the people in Bethal CBD have not had water since the beginning of December 2022 till to date with the issue being reported by several local media companies and to the municipality but the issue has not been resolved up to this point.

Therefore, the DA in Bethal made it their prerogative to supply the residents suffering from the water scarcity with water. They had filled several bakkies with 5 litre and 2 litre plastic bottles of water which were distributed to the affected residents starting from Millan Park.

The match took place from 14h00 at Milan Park and proceeded to the four-way stop opposite Bethal Mall.

Speaking on behalf of the DA, Cllr Desire Erasmus said that they distributed water to some families which have not had water for more than 60 days and it is absolutely ridiculous.

 “We are actively trying to make changes so that the ANC Govan Mbeki Municipality can take responsibility for not reacting to our water crisis.

Our water crisis started in the beginning of December 2022 and it is absolutely inhumane,” said the DA councillor.

She stated further that they need the municipality to take responsibility and for the officials to give feedback on what the real problem is in Bethal.

“We want water in Bethal and we want it immediately,” said Cllr Erasmus in closing.