It is very sad that Sasol management do not address the matter of community engagement and participation very seriously. White privilege is very rife even today, whereby white owned entities are protected, as also highlighted in their interdict, “interdict against contractors and projects”.

This clearly indicate that Sasol is saying to the contractor, do as you want you are protected. The Forum has repeatedly ask Sasol to invite contractors to a meeting so that they hear the plight of the community and join hands in finding a solution, and nothing has happened instead, white owned contractors are now given contracts right at the townships while black participation is zero.

As highlighted, all engagements with the forum were stopped when the interdict was enforced. All talks, discussions and feedback with the Sasol nominated and appointed consultant has since stopped.

This is a clear indication that Sasol do not intended to address and resolve the challenges. Every time we engage, Sasol is quick to mention that it is a National Key Point, yes, we agree and Sasol need to do everything reasonable to protect, including engagement in discussion with the community and not only by use of force.

We see this interdict as use of force to suppress the community, and misinterpretation of “National Key Point” to threaten the community, and that Sasol intend to use government resources and force to oppress the community.
The forum previously highlighted that the community challenges are very serious and volatile and needed to be handled with care, a call that was also made by the Premiere at the signing of the MOU in March19 between Sasol and the Province.

This clearly indicates ignorance by an organization that houses the largest intelligence in the country, the growing risks and dangers of excluding the community in socio-enocomic activities, or it undermines the plight and outcry of the community to discuss and find solutions.
The manifesto talks about radical transformation, social and economic and yet, very high participation is given to a few elite while the broader community is excluded.

The forum will continue to support the taxi association in solidarity against privileged superiority. Sasol can continue with their interdict, we would like to highlight that the roads within Govan Mbeki Municipality are national roads and do not belong to Sasol, the forum will stay 500m away from Sasol perimeter, but will occupy any part of the national roads, whether at Kinross, Leslie, Embalenhle, Charl Cilliers or Bethal.

The forum will exercise it’s power within it’s territories, to make sure non residents are not welcome and do not enter the area or does not travel through. Sasol found our families, grandparents and great grandparents in this area, and they cannot continue doing as they like without engaging us in our back yard.

Where is ACCORD? 

Statement Issued by:  Tshepo Ngcongwane  Secretary General of GMM Forum