More and more people are flocking in to Fire of Christ Embassy in Kinross (Marikana) to receive miracle monies. The church which was established towards the end of last year saw people leaving their churches to go and receive the miracles. Since its inception, more and more people claim to have received money up to R200 000. The church leader, Prophet Chawe Ndlovu (some call him Major General and others call him Papa) prophecy to his congregants every Sunday. He also have a one on one session wherein people pay a certain amount to see him.

While some people talk negative about him, his followers said they like him because he managed to take most of the young people out of drugs .Seskhona Newspaper visited the church on Sunday, 21 January. The church was filled to capacity by people who were waiting for the prophet to arrive. On his arrival, everyone was told to stand up while his congregants clapped hands to welcome him. One of the congregants gave testimony that she received the miracle money in her accountant she gave the prophet some of the money in an envelope. During his preaching, the prophet said journalists ask him where the miracle money comes from.

“They should go and fast, then they will know where the money comes from”. Some of the congregants said they are not yet convinced since the people who give testimonies are always the people next to the prophet. Others in Marikina blame him for selling the anointing oil and the dangerous water. “He should give the water for free because some of us are not working,” said the congregant. The prophet will also be donating shoes to school children and he also promised his congregants to create more jobs for them.