Byline: Kelebogile Masemola

04 April 2022

Pupils from Hammanskraal high schools who scored high marks during the first term for the year, earned themselves a seat at the table with like-minded pupils.

At least 40 pupils were invited by the Department of Education and Thunder Bay Spur to a motivational lunch on Tuesday, 03 May 2022 at Jubilee Mall in Hammanskraal.

They sat across each other, exchanging study tips and motivating each other.

Omphile Makweng, 17, from Lethamaga Secondary School, said making her parents proud pushed her to study hard.

“They did not have as many opportunities as I have today, and that alone makes me work hard.

“I came in third at our school and I aim to improve throughout the year, it was not easy for me to get where I am because I had to give up my phone in order to focus on my studies. I am so happy to be here today and now my main aim is to be number one,” said Makweng.

The pupils were motivated by speakers who encouraged them to keep up their great results and further prepared them mentally for their matric exams and life after school.

The Hammanskraal cluster has lunch every quarter to motivate the pupils to do even better.

Tshwane North District Circuit Manager, Onkarabetse Mankuroane said “we identified the top five pupils from each school in our circuit to encourage them to perform much better in the coming quarter.

“We invited them to acknowledge the effort they put into their studies.

“We wanted them to meet their peers from other schools who have performed better than them and that will encourage them to keep pushing because we want them to obtain a 100% pass rate with high marks.”

Together with the free lunch, the students received gifts, medals, and certificates to honour them for their hard work.