Byline: Refeloe Letsoisa

12 December 2023

Sasol held a follow-up consultative process with stakeholders within Govan Mbeki Municipality (GMM) to explore options for the configuration of a multi-stakeholder forum on Thursday, 07 December 2023, at Sasol Recreation Club in Secunda.

The establishment of the forum is aimed at improving communication channels with community structures comprising faith-based, youth, women, business, and community organizations.

The engagement flowed from the meeting held in July 2023 by Sasol to kick-start the process of the formation of a multi-sectorial forum.

A proposed forum would serve as a single channel of communication with the stakeholders of GMM and provide a platform for direct engagement with communities.

The meeting concluded with the election of two communication representatives from each town within GMM who will form part of the proposed forum.

Different stakeholders that were part of the discussions ranged from local government, faith-based organizations, traditional leadership, local youth structures, and business associations to men and women forums.

Speaking at the meeting, Gerrit Viljoen, Senior Vice President Secunda Operations, stated that Sasol has been collaborating with stakeholders in various capacities, including business transactions and the implementation of our socio-economic programs, which continue to have a significant impact on education, youth, and skill development, as well as infrastructural support.

“We would like to continue with this work in partnership with you, representatives of the communities we serve.” Mr. Viljoen added.