Embalenhle residents are not happy with the daily electricity cuts during the Covid-19 lockdown.

“People are quick to judge us when we roam the streets.

Who can sit at home for days without electricity?

We cannot even buy meat and put in the fridge due to no electricity,” said one of the resident at Ext 15, Embalenhle.

Residents also mentioned that they cannot even watch television or enjoy hot meals, but are expected to stay at home.

“The same way they deployed soldiers to enforce lockdown on us, they should also deploy technicians to come and fix the electricity,” said another resident who further mentioned that electricity is an essential service.

The municipality confirmed that there is a problem at Embalenhle due to electricity overloading within GMM.

Even though they admit that there is electricity challenge in Embalenhle and Bethal, it seems as if they do not have a solution for now.