Byline: Kelebogile Masemola

17 July 2022

Ikwekwezi FM “Kukhanya Bha!” stays true to its tag line by bringing hope and light to the communities it serves.

This Mandela Day the station will be visiting the Osizweni Service Centre, located in Verena Mpumalanga.

On the 18th of July 2022 the station and its various stakeholders will be spending the Day with the Osizweni members and the residence at large.

Osizweni Service Centre caters for the elderly of the Verena community.

The centre provides food and nourishment, health, fitness, as well as educational programmes for its members.

The Centre was established in 2008 by Ms Lindiwe Mhlanga, who saw a need in the community to take care of the elderly, who are left vulnerable in their old age.

Osizweni Service Centre has experienced challenges since its establishment.

The Centre is in a very conservative community, breaking cultural reservations and giving people access to information is one of those challenges that the station hopes to alleviate as an immediate need.

Residence of the community through joint efforts with the station will be educated on the services provided by the centre, their stakeholders, and the benefits thereof.

The Ikwekwezi FM Team will be part-taking in sporting games with the Centre’s sports teams, to showcase not only the availability of such resources, but to break the stereotype that certain sporting activities are designated to a particular gender or age group.

The Station and the Centre member and the community at large will be taking part in a fun walk around the community as part of an exercise activity that the centre provides.

The Centre hopes to educate this conservative community that exercise comes in many forms including walking.

Ikwekwezi FM hopes to not only assist Osizweni with the immediate needs on the 18 July 2022, but to start a journey with them in continuing to serve the community.

The station will continue to follow up on the Centre beyond this initiative.

Ikwekwezi FM also wants to show appreciation to the members of the Centre by pampering them, the members will be receiving complimentary massages.

The Station hopes that this will put smiles to them and allow them to feel loved and appreciated.

The Station will be broadcasting from Osizweni Service Centre.

The following shows will be broadcasted; “Ngimi Nawe” 09h00 – 12h00, “Siditjhile” 12h00 – 15h00.

Ms Lindiwe Mhlanga, the Founder of the Osizweni, will be profiled as the Unsung Hero for the month of July with the work she is doing to better the community.

This documentary is a station platform that is used to profile and celebrate local heroes among us in our communities.

Ikwekwezi FM hopes that this in addition, will help drive Lindiwe’s cause in being a beacon of hope in her community and encourage others.