By line: Andani Matumba

08 February 2022

On Monday, 07 February 2022, in support of the 2022 academic year, the Indawo Yosizo Foundation which is based at eMzinoni at Bethal launched a Dignity Packs Drive to underprivileged learners at Kwagalagde Primary School, Tjebisa Primary School and The Friedman Primary School at Bethal.

The packs included sanitary pads, bar soaps, roll-on and toothpaste.

The provision of dignity packs to the disadvantaged learners is aimed at ensuring that learners stay in school and effectively participate in Education.

Photos supplied by Indawo Yosizo Foundation

In a statement made by Indawo Yosizo, not being able to wash or brush your teeth takes away one’s dignity.

“It does not only affect personal hygiene but also take away their dignity to move forward as well as affect other aspects of their lives.

The first step in restoring their dignity is getting them to realize their worth, getting them to have the self-confidence they desire and attend classes”.

The drive was made possible through a partnership of the SCM Transport, Kashifa Kajee Foundation, Skomplass Group and Bethal SAPS who also donated loaves of bread to the learners in need at farm schools.

“Our duty is to give underprivileged and vulnerable children the life we never had”.