By line: Andani Matumba

20 February 2022

Seeking to restore a good working relationship between the police and the community, Intsika NPO called an urgent community meeting on 18 February 2022 for the residents of Ext 18 in eMbalenhle to address and discuss the solutions of the rapid crime increase within the area.

The SAPS members from the local police station were invited to answer to some of the questions raised by community members.

Robbery and theft was expressed the two types of crimes the community suffers from the most.

The community members expressed their views and the distrust on the police to respond when they seek assistance from the police or require to open a criminal case.

The police seek to restore the trust from the community and during their address to some of the questions they expressed that they cannot exist in isolation from the community.

Communication spokesperson of the eMbalenhle SAPS, Constable Busi Mthethwa said that the Police need members of the community to be role players in the fight against crime.

 “Without assistance from the community, where there is an infestation of criminal activities then we find it difficult to resolve the issues of the community.

We need to work together to combat this battle against crime,” added Mthethwa.

Ntsika members took an initiative to call upon the police to address the rapid rise of crime, and upon community to voice their grievances on the arrest issues and on what happens to cases after the criminals have been arrested because some still roam the street even after their arrest.

“This is a step which many were afraid of taking because they are afraid of the perpetrators.

Through this initiative, we are united in the fight against crime and if there are any acts of intimidation the perpetrators shall face a fierce force of unity,” said the General Secretary of Ntsika, Mbongeni Maziya.

On Wednesday, 22 February 2022, the community shall join arms at Evander Magistrate Court to oppose a bail application of repeated offenders because they are not welcomed by the community.

This is through the initiative of the community members and their ward councillor, Cllr Sihlalo who will provide transport for the members who are interested in taking part on a march against the provision for bail of those offenders.