Byline: Refeloe Letsoisa

31 August 2022

This year marks 50 years of jubilee for the women in SAPS in a field so masculine.

No one saw it coming that there will ever be females in this sector not mentioning those holding higher ranks and higher positions.

Charl Cilliers SAPS hosted a gala dinner on Friday, 26 August 2022 at Multi-purpose hall in Charl Cilliers.

The aim of the event was for women to feel like queens, embrace themselves and the power within themselves as leaders in frontline.

A few delegates were invited to share their stories.

Ms. Simphiwe Shabalala, Chief of the Fire Department at Govan Mbeki Municipality mentioned that she joined the department twenty-two (22) years ago and after three (3) years in service, someone asked her where she sees herself in the next five (5) years.

“I don’t remember my response to that answer but here I am, the first female Fire Chief,” said Shabalala. 

The event came as an outcry that there is a need in the SAPS field to empower not only women in blue but women in frontline.

“Through some of the events we have hosted in the past, we noticed the so-called “powerful women” breaking-down because of the stories narrated by the victims or offenders reflecting on the situations that they are going through.

They are forced to hold their remorse because of the uniform,” said Constable BM Mqoco.  

The other main aim of the event was to bring some of the ex-police who are sentenced for certain crimes to address everyone with the real underlying issues and how to help and identify who need help before it’s too late.

One offender who is an ex-police officer was invited by his former colleagues to share his story as he realized all his mistake when it was already too late to turn back and correct himself. 

“Women must fight hard and stop the GBV happening in this world.

I regret every crime I have committed but what I regret more, is keeping quiet of all the problems that were bothering me,” said the offender in closing urging people to speak more about their problem and seeking emotional assistance when there is still time.

Constable BM Mqoco