Byline:Nonjabuliso Nhlambo

09 November 2022

Embracing culture and tradition young maidens from around Embalenhle parade in the streets of extension 21 in their cultural attire on Saturday 05 November 2022.

The purpose of the parade was to launch Isithembiso Sezintombi cultural group which is a group of young maidens gathered to practices traditional dance, songs and they are taught to stay pure by keeping their virginity.

Parents from the streets ululated showing pride in what the young maidens are taking part in. The streets of extension 21 were filled with crowds cheering and chanting praises towards the girls as they danced and sang throughout the parade.

Amongst the maidens some were from various parts of Embalenhle together with their leaders.

The parade ended at the Multi-Purpose Center where the event was held whereby Mrs Masala from the Isiphephelo multi-purpose center encouraged the young maidens to speak out of any abuse they might endure.

Masala further explained that the center does not only cater for maiden girls but for the entire community.

Programmes ran by the center include that of male children including dealing with those addicted to the drug called nyaope, programme for mothers who are struggling building their homes together with that of fathers.

Masala continued to elaborate further on why they needed mothers support at the center, which she mentioned that after coaching the young maidens the mothers need to be guided and given support.

Raising a child takes the entire community.

“There is an animal called HIV and AIDS that is about to wipe us out.

We need to take a stand in teaching our youth on how to take care and protect themselves,” said Masala emphasizing the importance of the center. It was all songs and dances with other activities including drama play to entertain audience on the day.