Mr Jacob Mtakwande, founder of Inkunzi Isematholeni Football Tournament raised concern about the young people who call themselves Izikhothane in Leandra.

He Said the Izikhothane goes to the soccer fields during tournaments and smoke drugs and drinking alcohol in public.
“It’s a group of young boys and girls who came and smoke hookah using pipes, while others smoke nyaope.
“We have young boys who keep themselves busy by taking part in soccer and now these Skhothanes come and become a bad example of them”, said Mtakwande showing great concern. He urged the police to visit soccer fields and do random search. Mtakwande added that some of them attend soccer matches to push their drug businesses.
He said it is not only Leandra where they have problems. At eMbalenhle soccer field they find broken bottles and used condoms.

He concluded by pleading with the community to take care of the soccer fields, for the sake of the young boys and girls who show interest to play soccer and other sports activities.