Farirai Sanyika is a certified South African Travel Specialist. 

Her travel blog Gophari.com aims to share knowledge that breaks travel barriers and empower others to discover the beauty of South Africa and the world by sharing useful information, making real connections and giving honest recommendations. 

“I aim to show that there is more to South Africa than Cape Town and give provinces such as Mpumalanga and Eastern Cape the spotlight,’’ said Farirai who is also a Chemical Engineer by profession. 

On her travel blogs she give advices on how to save money while you travel, by sharing her experiences on using different modes of transport and different types of accommodation available. “As a travel blogger, I have been to many places in South Africa and around the world and Mpumalanga ranks in my favourite list. 

For me, Mpumalanga is a place that after visiting I could not keep to myself.’’

So far she has visited 17 countries. When asked whether there are any opportunities for the youth and if there is something the government is doing to expose young people, here is what she said,“I think there is a lot of potential to be unlocked from the youth, especially in this digital age and it is up to us as young people in the tourism industry to be innovative and come up with digital solutions to support tourism in south Africa. 

The previous Minister of Tourism, Mr Derek Hanekom was supportive of travel bloggers efforts to promote South African tourism.’’ 

Some of her achievements include hosting a group of African American women in Cape Town for a week, Skydiving  for a Milki drink campaign and she is now part of the campaign that is promoting the new SAA voyager cheque card.