By line: Nonjabuliso Nhlambo

02 March 2022

Ms Nonthuthuzelo Twala, a principal at KI Twala Secondary School retires after 41 years of services with the Department of Education.

In her speech, Twala said she will miss her learners since she is now going on pension.  

She further stated, “What makes me happier is that my parents gave me access to education and because of them, I made it in life.  

I produced lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs and a long list of educators.

I count this as part of my blessings because wherever I go in the community people never forget me.

I played a major role in the career paths of so many children from the time the School was still made of corrugated iron and till to date my passion for education has never ceased.”

Twala further encouraged the learners to work hard to reach greener pastures.

She said that most of her colleagues never got to go to pension at the age of 64 or 65 because they were pressured to resign by educators.

“I am very fortunate to have been blessed by a wonder team of educators who made it blissful to work with them,” added Twala.

Her wish became a reality that before she retired every learner had a chair to sit on.

“Over 400 chairs were received by the school on 25 Friday 2022.’’

Nontokozo Vundla, a grade 12 learner at KI Twala Secondary School, in her farewell message stated that Principal Twala has been a mother, a role model and a savior to her learners.

“We would not be here if it was not for her.

We thank God that he has given us a person like Ma’am Twala who has love for education, who has love for students, respect and above all she gave us spectacular education”, added Vundla.

She further wished Twala all the best in future.

According to Ms Liphilina Radebe who is an educator at KI Twala Secondary School, Principal Twala was professional in all she does.

“Despite our differences in the working environment as people, Ma’am Twala always acted professionally and had respect for everyone”, added Radebe.

She further stated that Twala treated all her educators equally.

“I remember the time she went to Japan for her holidays, she brought everyone a gift and that showed how much love she has to share with everyone”, added Radebe

Twala pleaded with her learners to stop selling the dagga muffins at school because they are contributing in destroying a life of another learner.

Mrs Nontuthuzelo Twala, Former Principal of KI Twala Secondary School, addressing her students as she bids farewell after 41 of service to the Department of Education