Byline: Nonjabuliso Nhlambo

30 August 2022

The community of Marikana (Ext 33) in Kinross are concerned after municipal officials demolished shacks occupied by residents on Tuesday, 30 August 2022.

It is alleged that they were given a seven (7) days Eviction Notice prior to demolishing of their homes.  

One women who did not want to disclose her identity said officials came and marked her house with an X as an indication of eviction who later returned on Tuesday.

On the day the officials returned the seven (7) days she was given had not lapsed.

She further alleged that some of the people were allocated a new piece of land to build on meanwhile she and others were left behind.

The community members alleges that they were not given a formal notice to vacate and discovered through hearsays that they were ordered to move.

As a result of not being allocated a new place they now have to squat with neighbours as their houses were demolished.

They further alleged that furniture was damaged with other household equipment as they were forcefully removed.

Mr Donald Green, Acting Communication Spokesperson at Govan Mbeki Municipality confirmed the incident to have taken place.

However, according to Mr Green, a few shacks which were erected along the line where the pipeline system is supposed to be installed were demolished and all due processes were followed by the municipality regarding the notice and ensuring safe evictions.

On the initial plan of Ext 33, there were no houses which were supposed to be build on the areas which were marked and reserved for road, waterpipes, sewer pipeline and other infrastructures.

Green stated further that the community members of Marikana had not been issued with title to land as yet therefore it would be profound for the municipality to issue alternative land in this instance.

Remaining pieces from one of the shacks that were destroyed