Byline: Kelebogile Masemola

12 July 2022

Frustrated community members of Olievenhoutbosch Extension 6, Tshwane, marched to Tshwane House at Tshwane Central Business District (CBD) on Tuesday, 12 July 2022, to submit a memorandum of their demands.

The marchers gathered at corner Prince’s Park Street and WF Nkomo Street, then proceeded to Tshwane House.

The Community Secretary, Patrick Thembe said the municipality is failing the community of Olievenhoutbosch as the residents have been promised a lot of things since 2015.

“Officials from the municipality came in 2015, they promised to build bridges for our community but did not deliver on their promises.

They came back first week of May 2022, once more they promised to build bridges and complete the housing projects at our area but still failed to deliver, now we are approaching August,” Thembe said.

The residents complained about incomplete projects at Olievenhoutbosch and demand the municipality to deliver what they have promised the community.

Tshwane MMC for Human Settlements, Abel Tau receiving the memorandum from the residents of Olievenhoutbosch

The memorandum was received by Tshwane’s MMC for Human Settlements, Abel Tau who agreed to respond to the memorandum’s requests.

Thembe further added that when it rains the children within the community cannot go to school and parents cannot go to work because there are no bridges to cross on.

The list of demands include construction of new toilets, building of bridges, building of new infrastructure such as clinics since there are no clinics around the area.

“We are here to demand not to ask, we are giving the municipality seven (7) working days to respond.

The residents have tried to be patient, but our patience has yielded no results, that’s why we are here today.

We will wait for the municipality’s response, if we do not get any response, we will have to resort to doing things the harsh way,” he added.