By line: Livhuwani Matumba

11 February 2022

“I cannot rush the holy spirit because of the community.

Why are they raising crime issues now, while crime has been there for long?” said Pastor Molepo speaking to Seskhona Media regarding the church that is vandalized by the thieves and used by drug addicts as their hiding place.

Community members living near the church said it is used as a hiding place for the stolen items by thieves.

The church is situated in Kinross, Ext 25.

“As you can see the nyaope boys stole everything from the church and now they are coming for us, stealing our belongings and hide them in the church.

When we phone her to find out when she will re-open the church, she tells us she is waiting for God to tell her what to do,” said one of the church neighbours.

Pastor Molepo calls for the government to deal with the crime as it is now evident that people are no longer afraid of committing crime even in the house of God.

She further called for anyone who has a problem with her church being closed for long, to hire a bulldozer to go and demolish the building.

“Let them demolish that building, but God will answer for me.

I am not even worried about the things that are currently happening in that building as I am waiting patiently upon the Lord to give me instruction on what should happen to that church.

God told me to close that church even before President Ramaphosa announced closure of churches.

I was on pulpit on Sunday, 2 February 2020 when the Lord spoke to me.

What people should do is to repent because the end is near”.

Ms Molepo further explained that some pastors came to her house requesting to use the building and she told them it was not open for lease or sale, but that she is rather waiting for the Lord to speak to her.