Byline: Thendo Funyufunyu

Friday, 03 March 2023

Mpumalanga Department of Education and Kusasalethu Secondary School held the athletics championships for secondary schools which started from inter house championships and culminates at the district championship on Saturday, 25 February 2023 at Secunda stadium.

Through these championships the department is able to unearth dormant talent from the learners in schools who participate and thereby exposing them to elite competitive levels in the country.

The department is also able to address social ills that are now an order of the day in the schools such as bullying, teenage pregnancy, alcohol abuse, intake of intoxicating substances such as Nyaope and many more substances.

Through these programmes the department is able to make schools safe havens for children results in schools going a joyous moment.

“I am excited to see this event being successful as it is, and to see more learner participating with their parents supporting them and cheering them during their participation on the field,” said SD Nkosi the head of Athletics.

He further stated that as the department they hope that even the provincial Athletics will be successful which will take place on Saturday, 03 March 2023 at Secunda stadium.

“As the chairperson am overwhelmed to see everyone engaging in this initiative which help our children to expose their talent and also excited to see everything going according to the plan,” said Bongani Nzima chairperson of the Athletics in the district.

“Watching our learners participating in these athletics, I feel proud as they have opportunity to show case their talent in public,” said Winnie Guliwe who was responsible handing medals to the top leaners.

The results of all the finals were put in ascending order and learners were awarded gold medal, silver medal and bronze medal as well.

However, Simphiwe Ndlovu from Ligbron secondary school in Emerlo was awarded 1st position in triple jump, and Nthando Simelane from same school Ligbron secondary school in Emerlo was awarded 2nd position in triple jump.