Kinross man accused his ex-wife of wanting to sacrifice their only son for wealth.
According to him, their relationship was fine until he learned of her dark secrets.
He alleged that one day he heard some funny noise in the bedroom and when he woke up to check, he saw a big snake and ran outside.
“I took my son and never went back to that house again.
“Even though we separated, my son continued to visit her during the weekend,” said the man.
According to him, one weekend the child went to visit the mother and when he woke up the following day, the child was back and crying.
The man alleged that the child told him, he saw a big snake while his mom was praying.
“My son refused to stay and kept on telling me that we must run away.
“I did not have money and had to borrow from my friend so that I can take him to my mother,” he continued.
The mother was said to have went to their house looking for the child and could not find them.
She went to the police station and opened a case against the man.
The father was ordered to handover the child to his mother in front of Boksburg police, but he ignored the order saying his son’s safety comes first.
He also wanted Seskhona Newspaper to interview the child, but we advised him to seek help from professional organizations such as FAMSA, since the child is still a minor.
Seskhona contacted the mother of the child who said, “I do not know what you are talking about.
“I do not have a snake and I will not sacrifice my son.”
The mother further mentioned that she suspect that the child has been trained or coached to say negative things, hence his views cannot be relied on.
Few days later the man was arrested in Gauteng for not handing over the child to the mother and was released on bail.