Byline: Thendo Funyufunyu

Thursday, 02 March 2023

Mapitsi Leloko (45) who is accused of allegedly murdering two people, male and female in eMbalenhle and hiding their corpses in his room, also violating a protection order against him, appeared again at Evander magistrate’s court on Wednesday, 01 March 2023 for a bail application.

Previously, the bail application was postponed due to lack of a doctor’s report to confirm whether the accused suffered a serious mental condition.

However, on the said date (01 March 2023), when Mapitsi appeared in court, his defense attorney stated that there was misunderstanding and lack of communication between the attorney  and the doctor who was responsible for providing the report. 

Therefore, she was not able to get the report as needed by the court due to the misunderstanding.

According to Mapitsi’s mother, her son last took the medication five (5) years ago, and since then he stopped taking medication, he has been acting awkward at home and doing scary things. 

That’s where she resulted in an opening protection order against him.

She further stated that recently, before he was arrested, he stabbed a young boy on his hood in eMbalenhle and according to him, he didn’t know that he stabbed someone he realised it late after the incident happened.

Furthermore, Mapitsi’s mother stated that on his day of arrest for violating a protection order, Mapitsi was insulting everyone and also chasing the police away so that they could not enter his home yard.

After some minutes, his case was postponed in court. 

Mapitsi got a chance to chat with his lawyer. 

Therefore, when he came back to the stand, he stated that his state of health mentally was now good, and he would like to continue with his case, however he wants to abandon his bail application.

Furthermore, Mapitsi’s bail application was withdrawn for both charges of violating a protection order and also for two counts of murder and he remains in custody until his matter is finalised.

Therefore, his case was postponed for further investigation to 23 of March 2023 for violation of a protection order and 04 of April 2023 for murder.